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Lucy on the Ball
Ages 6 to 9

Bobby likes to watch sports, but he doesn't really like to play them. He'd rather play with his beagle puppy, Lucy. But when Bobby's friend Shawn asks him to join a soccer team, Bobby agrees. After all, his parents are always telling him to try new things. Soon, Bobby finds himself stuck on a soccer team with a tough coach and team members who have a knack for the sport. Even Lucy is better than Bobby at moving a soccer ball down the field! Soccer and Lucy the little beagle make for a winning combination in the latest entry to the Absolutely Lucy series.

Absolutely LucyAbsolutely Lucy
Ages 5-9
Bobby Quinn is shy. In fact, he's so shy, he has trouble making friends. But that changes when he gets a squirmy little puppy for his birthday. Unlike Bobby, Lucy isn't shy at all. And to his surprise, she keeps dragging him into all sorts of adventuresand friendships, too!

“Depicted with humor and realism. . . . The respectful attention given to their peer’s difficulties and progress will be much appreciated by newly and almost independent readers.”—The Bulletin

“Children stretching their reading wings will enjoy this.”   —School Library Journal

Lucy on the LooseLucy on the Loose
Gr. 2-4
When Bobby Quinn got a beagle puppy for his eighth birthday, his whole life changed. But now Lucy's taken off after a fat orange cat, and no one in the neighborhood has seen her anywhere. What will Bobby do if his best friend is gone for good?

From Booklist
In this sequel to Absolutely Lucy (1999), also in the Road to Reading series, Bobby Quinn's beagle, Lucy, runs off , chasing a big ginger cat all over town. Bobby is desperate to find them, but he must overcome his shyness to do so. Amanda Harvey provides the pencil illustrations. —Stephanie Zvirin

Lucy on the LooseLook at Lucy!
Ages 6-9
Bobby is so proud of his puppy Lucy. She's a terrific friend, and a great dog. So when a local store has a pet contest, he happily enters Lucy in it. But it turns out the pet that wins the contest may be featured on TV—with its owner! Bobby is shy. He doesn't like attention. But can he face the spotlight . . . for Lucy?

In this heartwarming story of a boy and beagle's friendship, Ilene Cooper once again charms young readers and dog lovers alike.